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Hey everyone! I have just a little time on a computer at a friends house to write a quick entry! I hope you guys are doing good! I'm having a blast! Last weekend I spent a little time with my adorable nephew, Cortlyn, and my older sisteer, Jessica before I go back to MD. So, I've been having fun. Right now I'm spending the night at my friend Alexis' house, along with my new friend Asheley. They are going insane. Well, they already were insane, but they are getting more hyper by the minute. I'm pretty hyper, too, but I'm just not showing it. Haha!

Thing that have happened:

~ Stayed with Jessica and Cortlyn twice
~ Baby-sat a couple of times
~ Made a couple new friends
~ Fell in love <33333
~ Went to the beach a couple of times
~ I finished Harry Potter books number's 6 &7
~ I slept, ate, wrote, drew and listened to music.

So, these people keep reading my entry, so I'm going to finish it off here. Love you guys!

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