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Hullo, everyone! I'm bored, as usual! I just got home from school, and I think I'm catching sometime.

::Sniffle Cough Sneeze::

Anyways, I wanted to show off some random...

This is one of meh bestest friends! Her name is Brooke! Ain't she purrty?!

ZOMG! Ciera, meh other bestest friend! And shes...TRYING TO KILL MYLES!? NOES!!!!! Myles, meh luber!!11111!!1oneone!! She is chokin' her brother!

See, this is Ciera trying to act gangster. Key word= TRYING. Teehee! XD

Here Ciera is trying to act like an ape and pick the bugs out of Brooke's hair! Teehee! xD

Meh footie! Teehee! xD

Left to right: Emily, Me, Brooke, Karysse.

See, see! We are goofy! XD

That's all for pictures right now!

::Le Sigheth::

Meh grandma is over! Shes watching old game shows with meh brother and step-brother and meh daddeh!

Oh, anyone who wants me to put a picture of me in a close-up (meh and all meh ugliness) put YOU ARE CRAZY COOL in your comment!

Love ya all!

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