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Well, I've got a new Livejournal account because I didn't like mine too much....

It is snowwhitequeen3

Friend me if you'd like!
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Hello, everyone!

I'm here, I'm well and I'm bored! Sounds fun, eh?
I was just reading Imadoki! Nowadays today and I realized how many crappy edits are in manga. Some lines don't make sense, some things are spelled wrong, and there are so many random things said! I think the editors should do a better job fixing that. Anyways, my parents are watching the Ravens vs. Chargers game. I hope the Chargers win (I hate the ravens), but everyone else is rooting for the ravens. I'm personally a Redskins fan (though they haven't done very well lately.)

Sorry for talking about football. It's pretty boring, eh? Well, we're oof school tommorrow, although I want to go really badly. (I want to see all my friends!) I'm thinking about maybe going to the movies on Friday the 13th and watch the Grudge 2 for my b-day. (With some friends) BTW, my birthday is on October 9th, and I'll be 14. I feel so old now. *Cries*

Not much else to report, really. Umm...Oh, I've recently read some volumes of 'Midori Days'. I think they are really cute! <3 Midori is so adorable!

Well, comment if you'd like.

Here are some recent pictures of the ugly me!(I dyed my hair): 



and  a goofy picture of me! ( These pictures are GINORMOUS!)

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Hey everyone! What's up? I know I haven't been on in awhile, but...some things had come up! Anyways, I'm doing pretty okay in school. I'm getting A's in GYM, Chorus, Social Studies and Language Arts. I'm getting a B in Science, and an E in Algebra 1B. *Sigh* I don't know what I'm getting in Foreign Languages, though. friend, Raymond, told me he liked me. I just told him I didn't like him Monday, and I think I made him really upset...But I can't help it. I still love Bobby! <3
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Hey everyone! I just finished my very first week of 8th grade yesterday! It was great!

Hmm...I've got some really nice teachers, but I may need to switch classes because my Algebra class is to hard for me.

I also like this one guy. His names Bobby and MY GOD HE'S H-O-T!!!! <3333
He's a skater guy and I got my friend who's bro is like his best friends to tell me all about him!
He's soooo nice! I've never talked to him, though....



Not much else to report!



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(no subject)

Hey, everyone! I'm totally bored. I start school this Monday, so I'll have more to write then. I figured out that my best bud, Brooke, is gonna be in my class this year, too! When i found that out, I started jumping for joy...literally. Anyways, not much else to say. I found a meme at <lj user="breyzyyin">'s journal, and decided to do it. Whoever wants to do it can take it! <3

<lj-cut text="Meme....">

<b>1. Elaborate on your default icon. </b> I identify with Kairi really well, so that's why it's Kairi. And I reminisce alot about things I've done and could've done in the past, like her.

<B>2. What's your current relationship status?</b> I'm currently single and lovin' it! <3

<b>3. Ever have a near-death experience? </b> No, but I saved someone from dying once.

<B>4. Name an obvious quality you have. </b> Out-going, definately.

<b>5. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now? </b> 'Miss Murder'- AFI

<B>6. Any celebrity you would marry? </b> Johnny Depp. (He is HAWT! Makes me feel like a fangirl! *squeal*)

<b>7. Who will cut and paste this first? </b> Dunno, really.

<b>8. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity? </b> No, and I don't want to look like a celebrity, either.

<B>9. Do you wear a watch? What kind? </b> Sometimes I do. I don't know what kind, though.

<b>10. Do you have anything pierced? </b> My ears. That's it.

<b>11. Do you have any tattoos?</b> No, but (don't tell anyone) I'm getting one next summer. <3

<b>12. Do you like pain? </b> No. It hurts too much! @.@

<b>13. Do you like to shop? </b> Yes. Love too!

<b>14. What was the last thing you paid for with cash? </b> A Shirt.

<b>15. What was the last thing you paid for with your credit/debit card? </b> Nothing.

<b>16. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? </b> My daddy! <3

<b>17. What is on your desktop background? </b>Zabuza from Naruto. <3

<b>18. What is the background on your cell phone? </b> Don't have a cell phone, sadly.

<b>19. Do you like redheads? </b> Yes, considering I'm a bit of one. <3

<b>20. Do you know any twins? </b> Yes! The famous Breyzy and Yin!

<b>21. Do you have any weird relatives? </b> All my relatives are weird. O.o

<b>22. What was the last movie you watched? </b> 'Shaggy Dog'

<b>23. What was the last book you read? </b> Scary Stories III

Well, bye-bye!
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! I have just a little time on a computer at a friends house to write a quick entry! I hope you guys are doing good! I'm having a blast! Last weekend I spent a little time with my adorable nephew, Cortlyn, and my older sisteer, Jessica before I go back to MD. So, I've been having fun. Right now I'm spending the night at my friend Alexis' house, along with my new friend Asheley. They are going insane. Well, they already were insane, but they are getting more hyper by the minute. I'm pretty hyper, too, but I'm just not showing it. Haha!

Thing that have happened:

~ Stayed with Jessica and Cortlyn twice
~ Baby-sat a couple of times
~ Made a couple new friends
~ Fell in love <33333
~ Went to the beach a couple of times
~ I finished Harry Potter books number's 6 &7
~ I slept, ate, wrote, drew and listened to music.

So, these people keep reading my entry, so I'm going to finish it off here. Love you guys!

Kingdom Hearts Kairi

Last post for awhile...

Hey, everyone. I know I haven't been updating alot lately, and I definately won't be in the near future.

Why? You may ask, although you probably won't.

It's nothing bad. I'm going to North Carolina to spend the summer with my mom and they don't have a computer there so I will not be checking my e-mail, updating livejournal/gaiaonline/myspace/xanga or anything else.

Leave comments if you'd like, I just thought you'd like a heads=up for the reason I won't and haven't been updating.

Love you guys!

Bye until next schoolyear!


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Hullo, everyone! I'm bored, as usual! I just got home from school, and I think I'm catching sometime.

::Sniffle Cough Sneeze::

Anyways, I wanted to show off some random...

PICTURES, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

::Le Sigheth::

Meh grandma is over! Shes watching old game shows with meh brother and step-brother and meh daddeh!

Oh, anyone who wants me to put a picture of me in a close-up (meh and all meh ugliness) put YOU ARE CRAZY COOL in your comment!

Love ya all!

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